Precious Metals



A classic choice, the cost of gold depends on the proportion of the precious metal present: 24kt gold is pure but 10, 14, or 18kt are more common for men’s bands. Colour, or rather lack of it, impacts on price: white gold attracts a premium over yellow or rose gold. Hardness is something every man values: in jewellery speak, hardness equals a metal’s strength and durability. Gold scores well on this front (regardless of colour), so it’s unlikely to lose its shape over time but it can scratch.

Gold rings can also be resized without too much trauma.



Grey-white in colour, platinum is harder, heavier and much more expensive than gold. It also differs from gold in that it is used in mostly pure form—which means it should be free from nickel plating so won't aggravate allergies. It won’t oxidise and if you find yourself immersed in hydrochloric acid, you can console yourself as your skin peels off that your ring will come out unscathed. Hence, platinum is durable and ages well as it won’t tarnish and resists deep scratches.



Tungsten is a very hard and dense metal, mined from Wolframite ore and symbolized by a (W) on the periodic table of elements. It melts at an extraordinary 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit–the highest melting point of all metals. Tungsten does not gain its extreme hardness until it is combined with a carbon alloy, transferring it into Tungsten Carbide (WC) with a hardness between 8.5 and 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Tungsten Carbide is four times harder than titanium, twice as hard as steel, is virtually un-scratchable, and has been widely used for decades in industrial applications such as cutting tools, mining machinery, and rocket engine nozzles.

This makes a tungsten ring the prefect choice for someone who tends not to be delicate with their jewellery, and also is looking for a more contemporary look.





Cobalt wedding bands are the hottest addition to our exciting collection of alternative metal wedding bands. They feature many unique properties and characteristics, the most obvious being a premium bright white color!

Cobalt wedding bands are much whiter than tungsten and titanium wedding bands and are often compared to platinum in appearance. Since the bright white color isn’t just a plating, Cobalt wedding bands will stay white forever.

Cobalt wedding bands are less scratch-resistant than tungsten wedding bands, but more scratch-resistant than titanium wedding bands and precious metal wedding bands.

This type of wedding band can be an alternative to having the benefits of a contemporary metal's hardness, but with a look much more like traditional gold.





Well known for toughness, durability and scratch resistance, Hi-Tech Ceramic is created by combining the newest technologies with exotic alternative materials like zirconium and yittra, along with specialized bonding agents.

The result is a superior structural ceramic material with almost unlimited potential that stays polished forever! It has long been the material of choice for the aerospace, medical, and dental industries.

In the unlikely event that a Ceramic ring would ever scratch or chip, it would only expose more of the colorfast material underneath.

Ceramic can come in an array of different colours, call us today to see what is currently available.


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