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Phoenix Jewellers specializes in one-of-a-kind custom designs created from concept to completion on-site. We are proud to have master jewellers in store to capture your visions and creativity and bring them to life.

From the engagement ring of her dreams to anything else you are dreaming of, we can assure you that your piece will be completely original. Completely unique. Completely them. Completely you.

The Process

Custom Jewelry Step 1 - Ideas and Designs

Step 1: Ideas & Designs

Transform your imagination into an exquisite reality! Our team will spend time with you to help develop your ideal jewellery. Our master jewellers will then sketch out what your jewellery will look like.

Custom Jewelry Step 2 - Wax Modelling and Approval

Step 2: Wax Model & Approval

Once a design is set, our jewellers will create an exact wax model replica for you to look at and approve.

Custom Jewelry Step 3 - Ring Casting

Step 3: Cast

Once the wax is approved, we will cast your ring in the metal of your choice - yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, or silver.

Custom Jewelry Step 4 - Diamond Setting

Step 4: Set

Our master jewellers will set your choice of diamonds or gemstones.

Custom Jewelry Step 5 - Reviewing the Finished Product

Step 5: The Finished Product

The piece is polished, finished and presented to you!

Contact us

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Windsor, ON
N8W 3T5

Monday - Saturday
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